General Information

  • Mauve is a permissioned non-custodial exchange, with its own operating entity (Mauve Ltd.), that holds a VASP registration from the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).
  • Mauve operates as an automated market maker (AMM) protocol and is a Uniswap V3 fork, including significant parts of its frontend application. We are grateful to be standing on the shoulders of the broader Uniswap community.
  • Mauve does not operate a token and permissioning includes the ability to swap and add liquidity. Listing new assets is at the discretion of Mauve Ltd.
Mauve permissioning and compliance runs on Violet - privacy preserving, reusable on-chain compliance rails. All authentication and authorization operations, as well as enrolment, run through Violet.
We will be publishing comprehensive documentation very soon - stay tuned! In the meantime, our team is reachable on our public Discord here, as well as through email at [email protected], and you can follow us on X for updates.
Last modified 2mo ago