How to use Mauve

  • Using Mauve requires a VioletID and your own wallet (e.g., through using a service like Coinbase wallet or MetaMask) with available funds. Currently the only way to get a VioletID is through using Mauve.

  • Mauve is currently only available on the Ethereum mainnet, with more deployments planned for the near future.

  • Upon your first action on Mauve, identity verification through Violet will commence. This includes a KYC/B check, as well verifying geolocation and on-chain transaction history. More in the Violet section below. Violet also requires you to enroll a second auth factor for additional safeguarding.

  • Once your verification is completed, your VioletID will be issued on-chain, and certain relevant attributes (is-US, is-Investor, has-VioletID) are stored on-chain. At this point, you can now use Mauve!

  • Today, the status of your VioletID and attributes is reflected in an on-chain registry. In the future, we will give users optionality to mint a non-transferable and non-fungible (NTT) token that will become their on-chain VioletID reflection.

  • There are no additional gas fees for you in relation to the issuance of your VioletID.

  • Mauve requires users to authenticate every time they use the app, with authentication sessions lasting 24h. If a user is outside a valid session, re-authentication through wallet authentication (Sign In With Ethereum) and the initially enrolled second auth factor is required.

If you are looking to access Mauve through a programmatic interface, then we can provide you with an API key for authentication. Please contact us for details.

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