Fee Structure

Mauve Exchange Fee Structure

Mauve Exchange, standing on the shoulders of Uniswap V3, is a non-custodial automated market maker (AMM) protocol specifically tailored for real-world asset (RWA) markets. Our platform provides liquidity providers with full control over fee generation, innovative security features, and compliance measures in a user-centric trading environment.

Key Features

  • Fixed Fees: Each liquidity pool has a predetermined fixed fee, ensuring consistency and reliability for liquidity providers.

  • Curated Pools: Mauve does not support user-created pools. All pools are carefully developed and maintained by the Mauve DEX developers to meet strategic standards and compliance.

  • Full Fee Allocation: All trading fees are awarded to liquidity providers without any portion taken by the platform.

Liquidity Pools and Fees

Concentrated Liquidity

  • Targeted Range: Liquidity providers can specify the price range in which their capital is active, enabling higher capital efficiency and fee generation within the bounds of market price movements.

  • No Native Token: Mauve does not issue a native liquidity token, aligning with our ethos of simplicity and direct rewards to liquidity providers.

Full Fee Allocation to Liquidity Providers

  • 100% of trading fees are allocated to liquidity providers.

  • There are no fees taken by the Mauve platform; all collected fees go directly to those providing liquidity.

No Native Liquidity Token

  • Mauve does not have a native platform token.

  • Liquidity providers are not issued any native tokens as rewards, reflecting our streamlined and utility-focused tokenomics.

Transparency and Openness

  • As a fork of Uniswap V3, Mauve inherits the innovative features of concentrated liquidity and multiple fee tiers, adapted for our unique platform requirements.

  • Our commitment to transparency ensures that liquidity providers are fully informed about their potential earnings and the workings of the liquidity pools.

Contact and Support

For any inquiries regarding the fee structure or to seek guidance on providing liquidity, reach out to our support team at Mauve Support.

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