Ethereum Access Token

The Ethereum Access Token (EAT) embodies an on-chain verification mechanism designed to authorize access to wallets through cryptographic tokens. Analogous to JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), EATs are issued to users following a verification procedure, facilitating secure invocation of on-chain transactions akin to OpenID Connect (OIDC) flows.

Usage in Mauve

Upon initial interaction with Mauve, users are guided to enroll in the Violet subsystem, which reflects the meticulous compliance analysis akin to KYC/KYB procedures in traditional exchanges. Post-successful enrollment and compliance verification, a Violet account is set up for the user, and their wallet address is issued as an on-chain ID. With both the Violet account and VioletID meeting regulatory standards, the Violet subsystem backend processes user transaction requests, encompassing action types (e.g., swaps, liquidity management), transaction parameters, wallet address, and other metadata for fraud detection.

EAT Issuance Process

On verification of transaction legitimacy concerning Mauve smart contracts, the Violet subsystem issues an Ethereum Access Token, which is included in the transaction for successful execution on the blockchain. EATs are time-sensitive tokens cryptographically signed by an issuer and verified by on-chain smart contracts, ensuring secure transaction execution.

Technical Overview

EATs implement the EIP-712 standard for signed access token verification, with a structure as follows:

  "expiry": <unix_seconds-uint256>,
  "functionCall": {
    "functionSignature": <solidity_function_sig_hex-string>,
    "target": <contract_address_of_tx_target-string>,
    "caller": <user_address_of_tx_caller-string>,
    "parameters": <hexadecimal_representation_of_parameters-string>

Applications that integrate with Ethereum Access Token must be compatible with accepting the EAT structure for certain function calls that require restrictions gated with extra verification.

Integration with Violet

Mauve's permissioning infrastructure leverages Violet's on-chain compliance rails, with EATs as a key component. All authentication, authorization, and enrollment operations run through Violet, providing a robust compliance framework.

For a deeper understanding of EATs and their implementation, refer to this open-source repository on GitHub or the Violet documentation.

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